Town Transit & Shuttles

"The vision at UniteGPS is to connect people, places and small communities. Offering simple, efficient and easy-to-use software solutions that consistently delivers value to customers."

Town Transit is a community transportation technology focused on helping small and mid-sized transit agencies and private operators transform their operation, increase community engagement and drive savings for our customers. UniteGPS makes this possible by linking the latest technologies with a dedicated focus on your community to help you more efficiently manage your operation while meeting evolving small town transit needs

Station & Bus Monitors
Town Transit is a cloud-based solution that supports display of real time bus route information. Web enabled station monitors or tablets mounted within vehicles are perfect accessing the real time map and location data from the Town Transit solution.
Precision Data
Our platform is designed for precision. Data is sent from our device aboard each vehicle every five seconds. The data is shared instantly with users. The data is stored in our mapping database for reference for 10 years.
Vehicle Telemetry (J1939)
Keeping your fleet running at peak performance is critical to safety and controlling cost. Mechanical issues that go undetected or unreported by the drivers can lead to unnecessary damage and cost of repairs. It’s like having a diagnostic vehicle scanner plugged into the vehicle at all times.
Mileage Reporting
Our mileage reports provide detailed information on each vehicle in your fleet. This helps your maximize mileage reimbursement when completing forms like the Federal Transit Administration’s S-10.
Custom Mobile Rider App
Invite your community to access real time vehicle location data. Streaming location updates every five seconds means helping your community run on time.
System Mobility
Crosswalk is developed using the latest technology, which includes the ability of the entire solution to work equally well on a mobile device as a desktop. Take Crosswalk everywhere you go and be capable of making system changes at a moments notice.
Fleet View (Automated Vehicle Location)
Monitor every vehicle in your fleet on a single map. Location updates every five seconds allow dispatchers to make efficient decisions around coordinating events in the field.
Automated Voice & Visual Announcments
Automated Voice Annunciation (AVA) system that is compliant with the American Disabilities Act of 1990 (ADA). Town Transit provides options for indoor, outdoor, and in-vehicle signage.
Driver Report Cards
Driver login enable tracking of each one of your drivers. We have the capability to provide you with detailed information on rapid acceleration, harsh breaking, and speeding. Our mileage reports show the detail on number of route, event, special ed and vouc tech miles. This data helps your district maximize mileage reimbursement from Medicaid.