About Us

As experts in solution development and vehicle tracking we founded UniteGPS in 2014. Using state of- the-art technology we developed Crosswalk K-12 which is now being used by more than 50 school districts across the United States. We also developed a solution for transit called Town Transit. In 2018, School District of Osceola County awarded a contract to UniteGPS to become our largest client with 250+ vehicles and assets. We understand that everyday people like bus drivers, managers, and teachers are often underpaid. That is why our philosophy supports high quality solutions at low prices that leave more funds on the table for people talent. You won't find UniteGPS at expensive conferences, we solve problems by developing at the direction of knowledgable customers rather than expensive consultants. UniteGPS does not assign any money to advertising. Our business grows when satisfied customers tell their friends and colleagues. Our clients will often call us to ask for help solving problems. We listen and develop new reports and features. Once the new report or feature is blessed by our client we release it in production for all clients – no charge. For example, one of our Crosswalk K-12 clients requested that we add an online field trip request workflow feature. As a result of their request, all clients now have this feature available in their account. UniteGPS is continuously enhancing our Crosswalk K-12 solution with ideas driven by our school district customers. This approach delivers a solution that is tailored to the needs of school districts. The UniteGPS team that serves your organization are the same people who designed, developed and work with all UniteGPS clients. We are the people who know the solution from the ground up and are personally invested in delivering a solution that exceeds customer expectations. We know all our customers by name. We do our best to understand the roles of each client's team members and to work with each of these individuals in a way that brings value through the use of our solution. When you call our references we invite you to ask about how we serve all types of users such as leadership, transportation management, dispatching, drivers, or maintenance. And of course any of your team members who call for support will receive personalized service. These are just a few of the reasons you should consider UniteGPS for your transportation solution.