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UniteGPS developed a power converter that allows you to install ATrack AK11 devices using existing CalAmp 24 pin (5C348 or 5C360) wiring harnesses. This harness only covers power, ground and ignition. CalAmp wiring uses black for ground, white for ignition and red for power. This harness connects the black and red wires to the corresponding red and black of the ATrack devices. The ignition wire on the ATrack is yellow and this harness connects the white on the CalAmp side to the yellow ATrack.


CalAmp2600 with Internal Antenna (Top) vs. CalAmp2600 with...

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Video explaining how to set-up their parent account

XYZ School District

Transportation Department


Dear Parents:

XYZ SCHOOL DISTRICT has partnered with UniteGPS to provide community access to real time bus location information. We are ready to launch this service for all parents and guardians of the XYZ SCHOOL DISTRICT bus riders. this service allows you to follow student bus rides using any internet enabled device including smart phones,...

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How does your district handle students with multiple addresses? Situations created with divorced families, afternoon caregivers, special programs and other situations are likely adding $694 per situation. From our work with school districts most practices add unnecessary cost.

Here is an example to illustrate a common occurence. A student has divorced parents where both parents live within the zone eligible for transportation. The parents homes are along diffrent routes. The student is planning to alternate ridership between routes each week. Most districts hold a seat on both routes adding $694 (1) in cost to the transportation...

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The headlines are common and tragic. Getting to and from school is dangerous for America’s children. Everyday people driving to work, or even taking their own kids to school, that are illegally passing stopped school buses, who are to blame for this deadly trend.

Passing-School-Buses-Kills-Kids from UniteGPS on Vimeo.

Tales of kids who were killed or injured by drivers ‘running...

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This weekend I visited a friend who had wired his house for Alexa. Using voice commands he demonstrated control of lights, ceiling fans, heating and cooling, window shades, feeders for his cats and dog and his garage door. As a novelty it was an interesting demonstration showing the Jetsons world has arrived. The demonstration rekindled my thinking about the darker side of Artificial Intelligence and the reality that this seemingly innocent technology threatens humanity.

Artificial intelligence is intelligence demonstrated by machines. In April 2017 the MIT Technology Review published an article...

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UniteGPS Crosswalk K-12 Integration and Implementation

Download UniteGPS Implementation Data Excel Form HERE

This information is for new UniteGPS Crosswalk K-12 customers that are working with the UniteGPS team to set-up their account. The implementation of your solution from this point forward will be very fast and efficient. Once your devices are installed most of your solution will be implemented in a few days provided we have the data required.


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THE MORNING SHOW, Thursday, March 28, 2019, 6:30am

The Hortonville School District is tracking students and buses through a GPS monitoring system as part of an effort to keep kids safe. But some are worried that it’s sharing too much information about the whereabouts of students. Two employees explain how it works and why the district chose this technology route.

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When UniteGPS was founded in 2014 we needed maps. So naturally, we contacted the people at Google maps who demanded $40,000 per year for access to their mapping solution. As a start-up trying to bootstrap our company we faced the decision to invest $40,000 with an off the shelf Google solution or to invest those funds in specific features that customers were requesting while using our creativity to solve the need for maps.  

"Bootstrapping in business means starting a business without external help or capital. Such startups fund the development of their company through internal cash flow and are cautious with their expenses....

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The ATrack AK11 GPS device is installed as outlined below. Devices will be mostly plug-and-play using the J1939 port beneath the dash of each school bus. Some vehicles, especially older vehicles, will not accept a continuously connected J1939 device and will create errors with the proper function of gauges. This can be caused by resistance in the J1939 wiring where resistance is not equal to 60 oms. These vehicles will need to be hardwired.

J1939 Cable Connection: Plug one end of the J1939 cable into the rear of the AK11 and the other into the J1939 port. Please the device in the center of the dash without any obstruction to the sky. Please send picture so the first few installs...

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There are many GPS devices on the market but few are as robust and reliable as those designed and manufactured by CalAmp. CalAmp devices are deployed for some UniteGPS solutions. We use the 2600 Series of devices in our standard deployment. There are millions of these devices deployed around the world.

Devices and Antenna Styles: Devices have either an internal antenna or external antenna. Devices with internal antennas must have a clear view of the sky. This typically means mounting the device on the dash with Velcro or some other...