Route Optimization

Route Optimization Background
UniteGPS is the start-up from Maine that is reinventing school transportation. Until now, school bus routing has been overly complex and expensive. Across the country, more than 90% of school bus routes are not optimized because they are created manually. We created an online platform so districts can get started today.
How does it work?
Route Optimization works by uploading student addresses and other data online. Transportation leadership sets eligibility rules, the distance students can walk to a stop and other details. Our routing experts will walk you through the process every step of the way. The routing engine generates optimized route maps, stops and students assignments to each stop.
Our offer
Our solution will change the entire transit industry because of its simplicity and low cost. We guarantee our route optimization solution will generate savings, otherwise, it is free.

Route Consulting
Competing Solutions
Introductory Annual Subscription Offer

Available to districts that accept the offer before April 15th 2020

Consulting $95 per hour