UniteGPS has a partnership opportunity available.

We are a different kind of company.  

  • We are 100% bootstrapped, we have no debt and are not beholden to any venture capitalist.
  • Our approach with clients is a genuine partnership.
  • We listen to our clients and add new ideas to our development roadmap every day.
  • We strive to continually add to the value of our solutions by solving new problems brought to us by clients.
  • We are cost-conscious and solve problems are with creativity rather than expensive consultants or over-engineering.
  • Solution enhancements are released via our versatile SaaS platform at least weekly and oftentimes daily.
  • We are building our business one customer at a time. We know our users personally and provide them personalized service. These relationships translate into a solution that more closely reflect client needs.
  • We have a national client base of 100 clients and are growing 20% to 40% each year at the speed of cash flow. 
  • We reject the "sell-out" silicon valley mentality and believe that a goal of selling out obscures an organization's focus on serving customers.
  • Our pricing model is monthly subscriptions and our churn rate is 0% annually.

We exist to best serve our customers in the long run. If you are an investor and agree with our philosophy you are welcome to contact Chris Bunnell using our online form.